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Awakening, Adventure and Appreciation

Have you ever wondered why your Christian friends choose to attend Church week in week out? In our "Awakening" posts, we take a look at some of our members personal encounter with God. To see why we say "Jesus, I am yours". 

Just like a mountain ridge, the life of a Christian is full of ups and downs. In the "Adventure" posts, we bring to you not only the enjoyment of being a Christian, but also the hardships that comes with it. 

Lastly, for those of us who are interested in Cru, the "Appreciation" posts are here to show how Cru has impacted our Christian Journey.

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Deborah Fong's Story (Appreciation)

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Being in NUS Cru has impacted my Christian journey significantly. Through the many conversations over supper or lunch in school, Impact sessions, events where we served together, I learnt how it looks to live my life as a Christian student on campus. I was thankful for seniors and staff who really set an example for me in doing working heartily for the Lord in everything they do, and being intentional in reaching out and loving the friends God has placed around us. The heart conviction of the urgency and importance of outreach remains my biggest takeaway from NUS Cru, and I am thankful that in NUS Cru I had the opportunity to be trained in both evangelism and discipleship. The impact of NUS Cru on my Christian journey continues…

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