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Awakening, Adventure and Appreciation

Have you ever wondered why your Christian friends choose to attend Church week in week out? In our "Awakening" posts, we take a look at some of our members personal encounter with God. To see why we say "Jesus, I am yours". 

Just like a mountain ridge, the life of a Christian is full of ups and downs. In the "Adventure" posts, we bring to you not only the enjoyment of being a Christian, but also the hardships that comes with it. 

Lastly, for those of us who are interested in Cru, the "Appreciation" posts are here to show how Cru has impacted our Christian Journey.

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Joshua Soon's (Appreciation)

The discipleship culture in Cru has taught me that being a Christian is more than just attending church and meeting the ‘Christian KPIs’ but that an actively growing relationship with God forms the very foundation which we base our faith upon and our discipleship journey would not be possible if others had not selflessly invested into our lives… Henceforth, we should carry the baton forward and sow into the lives of younger ones, routinely sharpening one another and spurring each other towards Christlikeness.

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