The COVID Cohort

Going to classes is simply flipping open your laptop.

Greeting peers is simply switching on your webcam.

Fellowship is reduced to chatting with the best screen pixels.

That's why we have support groups catered only to the Freshmen matriculating into NUS AY21/22.

For Freshies Only

With a focus on helping freshmen transit well into university, these exclusive groups will allow you to interact with helpful Seniors and fellow freshmen.

Freshmen from all faiths are welcome to sign up for an exclusive spot.


3 Months Commitment

The group will meet as often as they'd like, over the course of September - November 2021.

After which we have other events planned for the community, so stay tuned!

Fresh? Join Us

Write in to onenus@cru.org.sg for inquiries or if you'd like to chat to our community and find out more (people of all faiths are welcome to join us!)

Officially launches 23 August 2021.