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Awakening, Adventure and Appreciation

Have you ever wondered why your Christian friends choose to attend Church week in week out? In our "Awakening" posts, we take a look at some of our members personal encounter with God. To see why we say "Jesus, I am yours". 

Just like a mountain ridge, the life of a Christian is full of ups and downs. In the "Adventure" posts, we bring to you not only the enjoyment of being a Christian, but also the hardships that comes with it. 

Lastly, for those of us who are interested in Cru, the "Appreciation" posts are here to show how Cru has impacted our Christian Journey.

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Sarah Chooi's Story (Appreciation)

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

I joined NUS Cru during my university years because I wanted to grow in the area of evangelism and discipleship as a Christian. Before that, I always saw evangelism as something that is a "bonus" for a Christian to do, but after joining Cru I learned that the Great Commission is a command instead of an optional thing. Through Cru, I've grown to always be ready to share my hope & faith more confidently. As I served in Cru, the Lord has also grown my capacity to pour into the lives of my juniors, which I continue to do so for the younger ones in church. The best takeaway would be the community of fellow believers that walk the Christian journey together through uni life and beyond (even currently through working life). Cru has been an indispensable part of my Christian journey and I've grown a lot spiritually during my time there.

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